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Welcome to Pride Imports belt buckle wholesaler, supplier and distributor. We wholesale belt buckles and other items. We are a major belt buckle supplier and distributor in North America. We specialize in all kinds of quality belt buckles, body jewelry, and fashion watches. For the wholesale belt buckles, body jewelry, and fashion watches, we have a large selection of belt buckles, such as, animals, bikers, crowns, flags, military, skulls, music, guitars, guns, horses, rebels, Micheal Jackson, western belt buckles, words, sports, trades, world cups, and stainless steel jewelry. Also, our wholesale belt buckles prices are very competitive with high quality. Belt Buckles are one of the most fashion accessories today, and you will find one here in Pride Imports Belt Buckle Supplier. We have dozens of new belt buckles arriving each month. Now, we provide you the lowest price in this industry. You could get our belt buckles as low as $1.82 each.


western belt buckles, wholesale belt buckles
There are over 200 different designs and colors of our western belt buckles, such as, cowboy with wild horse riding, two tones of western style deer head, indian chief with feather crown, and more. Just click on the images on left to browse all western belt buckles
$1.82 - $6.00
confederate rebel belt buckles
We carry over 100 different kinds of Confederate Rebel belt buckles, such as, rebel flags in gold and silver plated oval, guns, Confederate States of America, and more. Click on the images to see all.
$1.82 - $6.00
Animal belt buckles, belt buckle supplier
We have large selections of animal belt buckles, such as, pigs, cows, eagles, dragons, deer, bear, roosters, and so on. You click on the image to browse all.
$1.82 - $4.00
biker belt buckles, biker belt buckle distributor
For the motorcycle riders, our bikers' belt buckles are perfect for them. We have skulls, rebel flags, eagles, and more. Some of them have slogans associated with, such as, "Ride to Live", "Bike Week", and etc.
$1.82 - $2.99
flag belt buckles
Our flag belt buckles not only have American flags, but also have lots of buckles with international ones.
$1.82 - $6.00
camouflage belt buckles
We have over 30 different kinds of camouflage belt buckles including eagle flying camouflage, deer and double riffles camouflage, bass fish camouflage, and so on.
$4.84 - $6.00
wholesale gun buckles, gun belt buckles
There are over 40 different kinds of gun shape and bullet shape belt buckles in this section, including pistols, revolvers, 45 automatics, and so forth.
$1.82 - $5.00
initial belt buckles
This section has all 26 English alphabetic letters in two tones.
$4.84 - $6.00
wholesale military belt buckles
This military belt buckles section has all US military symbols, including US Air Force, US Marine, US Navy, US Army, and US Coastal Guard
$1.82 - $2.99
mason body jewelry, wholesale body jewelry
This Mason Masonic belt buckles are all about masonic symbols, such as, Eastern Star, Freemason, Shriner, Sovereign Grand Inspector, and so on.
$1.82 - $6.00
miscelanous belt buckles,wholesale belt buckles
This section is all about miscellaneous belt buckles like trucks, gays, and religious. For those can be fitted in a specific section will be in the section. We have over 300 miscellaneous ones.
$1.82 - $9.00
wholesale rosaries,music belt buckle supplier
All musical instrument belt buckles are shown in this Music Belt Buckles. They are guitars, drums, micro phones, and lots of more.
$1.82 - $8.00


Our wholesale belt buckle requires a minimum order of $100.00. If you order is over $200.00, we will provide you Nationwide Free Shipping. Also, all of our buckles are life-time guaranteed. If something goes wrong, we will ship you new ones with your next order. If this is your first time visit our website, you are required to register with us. you may Register Now. Besides the Free Shipping, and Lifetime Warranty, we guarantee the lowest prices for our products. If you find the same items lower than ours, please provide us the website, item number, and price, we will match the price.


Note: This section is only for our wholesale customers. If you do not have a business and want to buy some of our products, please go to Belt Buckle Retail Shop.


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